The working trip of Changchun University of Science and Technology delegation to SRSPU(NPI) has begun today with the first vice rector meeting – University research supervisor, Nikolay Ivanovich Gorbatenko and the vice rector for educational activity, Evgeny Mikhaylovich Dyakonov. The delegation from China, headed by the vice rector for educational activity of Changchun University of Science and Technology, professor Meng, arrived in Novocherkassk the day before, within the planned two-day visit.

Gorbatenko N.I. was very glad to welcome the colleagues from Changchun University of Science and Technology.

Formulating the purpose of the present meeting, Nikolay Ivanovich highlighted that SRSPU is especially interested in the topic of collaboration development in the field of science and research. It is the contacts between universities in this sphere that need to be strengthened and expanded.

Gorbatenko continued, saying that SRSPU generally worked and kept common projects in the field of Power Engineering, but the university also conducted the training of students and developments in the field of Electrical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Mining Engineering, Robotic Engineering, Information Technology, and Chemistry. SRSPU will be glad to discuss joint projects in these fields with their Chinese partners.

Professor Meng thanked for warm hospitality Novocherkassk and the university. He added that the cooperation between their institutions of higher learning began in the 90th of the last century.

The Chinese students successfully study at SRSPU in specialty “Power Engineering”. The Chinese colleagues are ready to expand borders of joint operation, in particular – in the field of teaching various disciplines in English at both universities that will allow to avoid partially the problems connected with language barrier. Last year Changchun University of Science and Technology accepted 92 students for training in the programmess developed together with SRSPU(NPI), this year they are also going to accept new students. At present Lyudmila Ivanovna Butenko teaches the Russian language Chinese students.

The representatives of the Chinese delegation discussed with Evgeny Mikhaylovich Dyakonov the number of the students who are trained in different programme tracks. Besides, this day the excursion around the campus and the town waited for the guests. The meeting with the dean and teaching staff of Power Engineering faculty, and also a round table during which colleagues from two institutions of higher learning will discuss results and prospects of cooperation is planned for the second day of visit.

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