Today in SRSPU(NPI) solemn and long-awaited “Graduation in Polytechnical University-2016” has taken place. This year nearly three thousand yesterday’s students leave institutions of  higher learning, about four hundred of them have received diplomas with honours. This evening heroes of the occasion are new generation of Novocherkassk polytechnicians are congratulated by the rector of university V. G. Perederiy, representatives of municipal authority, clergy, heads of the entities, deans of faculties.
Vladimir Grigoryevich Peredery congratulated the graduates and wished good luck and fulfillment of all plans. Today, in a modern history of Russia, the graduates are also proud of the institutions higher learning

The rector gave diplomas with honors and grateful letters to those graduates who not only studied with ”excellent” marks, but also succeeded in sports, creative and public life.

The City Duma chairman Yury Lysenko also congratulated the graduates and was very glad to have a chance to divide such an important event with the graduates.

Yury Evgenyevich also handed diplomas to the graduates with honour. Congratulations on behalf of the mayor Vladimir Vitalyevich Kirgintsev, all staff of the city administration and on behalf of school students of the city who celebrate today graduation too were addressed to the audience by the head of Department of Education of the City administration of Novocherkassk Igor Trotsenko. Diplomas from his hands were gained by some more graduates of SRSPU(NPI).

The archpriest of Novocherkassk living Oleg Dobrinskiy also wished the young generation, full of strength, hopes and aspirations, assurance and peace in everything.
After the words of congratulations and parting to the graduates were said by all guests and participants of a holiday, it was time for response speeches. Yesterday’s students who haven`t got used to the new status yet, thanked warmly and sincerely for support, understanding, participation and the kind relation of the rector of university, deans of the faculties, teachers, and also – the parents who led all these years uneasy, bright and rich student’s life too!

The festive atmosphere during the ceremony was created by actors of on-stage performance groups of the House of scientists and students of SRSPU(NPI). When all diplomas with honors were handed to owners and the traditional photo on the steps of the main building was made, the graduates unhanded in the sky a symbol of farewell to the childhood, hopes, and light expectations – balloons. The favourite anthem of polytechnicians became a musical frame of final part of the ceremony “I love you, NPI!”.

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