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Platov South Russian State Polytechnic University was established on October 18, 1907, with the greatest approval of Nicholas II as Don Polytechnic Institute. DPI was the first higher educational institution in the south of Russia. The university is the only higher educational institution in Russia created at the initiative of the Cossacks and for the Cossacks. Half of all funds spent on the opening of DPI was collected by Cossacks of the Great Don Army.

SRSPU has made a significant contribution to the development of engineering education in Russia, having trained more than 150 thousand experts. Currently, the SRSPU basic activities are the large-scale fundamental and applied scientific researches, innovative technologies aimed at training the highly qualified engineering personnel corresponding to strategic problems of the government in ensuring the transition from the resource economy to the economy of innovative type.

Vocational training is conducted at 10 Departments and 5 institutes of the basic higher educational institution and in 2 branches. Annually more than two thousand of school-leavers enter SRSPU (NPI) on the places financed from the federal budget means: among them about 1,5 thousand bachelors and specialists and about five hundred masters. In 2016 in SRSPU (NPI) the admission on budgetary places was carried out in 35 majors for bachelors (specialties).

The postgraduate vocational education of highly qualified personnel is carried out in postgraduate training programs for candidates of sciences and doctors of sciences of the university. Annually SRSPU postgraduate training programs train more than 300 candidates of sciences on 54 majors, also there is a doctoral training course on 21 majors. There are 7 Thesis committees on 22 majors at the university.

SRSPU is actively implementing the system of advanced training for the military-industrial complex of the country on the basis of the university participation in military R&D, based on the latest developments of modern science and technology. Its target is a comprehensive training of the system engineer – the modern engineering expert of a wide profile capable of solving production problems in modern conditions of the Russian economy.

One of the most important components of the university development is the organized system of strategic partnership the functioning efficiency of which creates conditions for improving the quality of educational services and the competitiveness of the university. The well-known educational institutions of Russia and the leading countries of the world, public and non-profit organizations, and also domestic and foreign enterprises of various branches of production are all among strategic partners of SRSPU.

Among the priorities of the SRSPU is the formation of an integrated system of professional education of the Cossacks. In October 2013 SRSPU (NPI) and the Cossack Military Community the “Great Don Army” has signed an agreement on educational, youth and social policies cooperation, in order to prepare the Cossacks to bear the government and municipal service.

In 2014, the university created the Local Cossack Community “Platov” of the District Cossack Community “Novocherkassk district” of the Cossack Military Community the “Great Don Army.” At the SRSPU Military Institute the Platov Cossack Hundred composed of 4 platoons has been created. Along with the higher engineering and military education, the Platov hundred’s Cossacks master the additional all-developing “Social Management in the Cossack Societies” program,  to promote the traditions and culture of the Cossacks, ready for further employment in the management structures of the Cossack regions.

SRSPU is repeatedly noted among Russian and the CIS leading universities. According to the studies conducted by the “Expert RA” rating agency (RAEX), SRSPU is included into:

• the leading universities of the CIS countries;

• 50 best technical universities of Russia with the highest reputation among employers;

• 100 of the best Russian higher educational institutions;

• the leading higher educational institutions of Russia by the salary level among university alumni employed in the field of IT-technologies.

In the ” RF University Rankings 2016 “, prepared by the INA “Russia today” SRSPU ranks 64th out of 140 Russian engineering universities.

Today we certainly can say that considering the capital of South Federal District, South Russian State Polytechnic University, being the first university of South Russia, is still the center of science, education, and culture of the region and remains one of the country’s leading higher educational institutions. And this is its competitive advantage and uniqueness.

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