Faculty of Civil Engineering is the oldest in SRSPU. It was established on the basis of Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology, translated in Novocherkassk, and opened as a part of  Don Polytechnic Institute in October 1907 as an Engineering and Reclamation. The contribution of scientists building faculty Faculty of Civil Engineering in the development of our city and the whole of the South Russian tangible and visible.

Since 1918 (October 5) at the Faculty of Engineering and reclamation DPI stands three departments: land reclamation, water reclamation department (Hydraulic) and the Department of Land Reclamation populated areas. Faculty trains specialists on the award of titles, respectively. “Engineer-improver” and “Water Engineer”

The teaching process at the faculty provides 64 employee professors staff, including 8 doctors (13%) and 42 Ph.D. (66%). Total faculty with degrees and titles 52 people – 81%. Operating personnel of more than 20 people.

The faculty has three academicians, two Honored Science, and Technology of the Russian Federation. Formed SRSPU included in the register two research schools (out of 15 academic schools, Rounds at the University of the registry).


Industrial civil engineering, geotechnical and foundation engineering;
Water management, engineering services, and environmental protection;
Architecture and Design;
All the departments of the Faculty are graduating.

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