The Faculty of Geology, Mining, Petroleum and Gas Engineering (until 2011 – the Department of Mining and Geology was founded by one of the first at the university in 1907. The glory of the faculty is associated with the names of such eminent scientists as academicians A. Skochinsky, PN Chirvinsky, professor Peck A.V., Makhin P.A., Torsky P.N., Kobilev A.G., Posokhov E.V.

The faculty consists of 3 departments. 678 students are trained in 7 specialties, including 13 specializations. During the existence of the faculty, over 11,000 mining engineers have been trained who work in all parts of our country and abroad. In the educational process at the faculty involved 96 teachers including 21 professors and doctors of science, 50 associate professors and candidates of sciences.

The teaching process at the Faculty is organized in accordance with the State educational standards (SES), which is the basis of curricula of training and working programs of academic disciplines.

Material and technical base allows a sufficient level to introduce innovative forms of learning and evaluation of the educational activity of students using computer technology.

The faculty students are provided a good opportunity for independent work. At their disposal scientific and technical library – one of the largest university libraries in the Southern region of Russia. The library fund over 3 million. Copies of publications in Russian and foreign languages, more than 400 magazines and newspapers titles. Maintenance is carried out on the five subscriptions (subscription textbooks for junior courses, senior courses, scientific literature department, catalogs, department of literature and art, scientific and bibliographic department), in the 11 reading rooms in the library section, located in the hostel №8. In addition, the students’ disposal there are a library and reference and information resources in the departments of the faculty, which can be found in the computer labs or departments to obtain information on the media.

The Faculty has the largest in the Southern Federal District specialized geological museum, which in addition to the popularization of geological knowledge involved in the educational process. 95,000 exhibits tell about the natural diversity is not one of our region and around the world. The first exhibits brought another professor of the Warsaw University of Technology, and then Cossacks complement them by acquiring for the currency of the rare instances of stones abroad. Museum replenished at the expense of long-term missions of staff and students, as well as the author’s collections and graduates of gifts. Many samples and collections are unique and are only available in SRSPU.

Research work of the Faculty
At the Faculty of Geology, Mining, Petroleum and Gas Engineering is working in four areas, covering the diversity of scientific and practical activities:

1. Development of scientific bases of forecasting, prospecting, and exploration of mineral deposits;

2. Development of scientific principles and methods of resource-saving and environmentally friendly mining technologies ;

3. Evaluation of the prognosis and improved environmental and safety of life;

4. Development of scientific bases of the mining and industrial and oil and gas field geology and exploration of mineral resources technology.

Chairs of the Faculty implemented basic scientific research “Development of scientific bases of efficient and environmentally friendly technology forecasting, prospecting, exploration, mining and processing mineral resources”.

Student scientific activity
The successful development of future profession contributes to the scientific and research work of students (NIRS), under the guidance of teachers in the area, accompanying his future profession. At the faculty there are 4 student research laboratory:

– “Interval” – at the Department of “Oil and Gas Equipment and Technologies”;

– “Search” – based on the department “Applied Geology”;

– “Mountain” – on the basis of the department “Mining”;

– “Health and Safety” – on the basis of the department “Mining”.

Students Faculty of Geology, Mining, Petroleum, and Gas Engineering participate in the Student Scientific Society, present papers at the annual scientific and technical conferences and seminars.

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