The basis of Electromechanical Faculty became the Department of Electrical Engineering, established in 1910.

Currently, the educational process at the faculty provides 14 professors, doctors of technical sciences and 49 senior lecturers, candidates of sciences, 1 winner of the RF Government Prize.

The faculty consists of three departments: “Electromechanics and electrical equipment”, “Electricity supply and electric drive”, “Mechatronics and hydropneumatic automation”. The faculty trained more than 700 students in 2 large groups of training areas, four areas of training bachelors and masters:

The department “Electromechanics and electric devices”:

Direction Electricity and electrical engineering (Bachelor) with direction “Electromechanics” and “Electrical equipment and electrical equipment enterprises, organizations and institutions”;

Direction Power and Electrical Engineering (Master) to the directions of the “Methods of research and modeling of processes in the electromechanical energy converter”;

The department “Power supply and electric drive”:

Direction Electricity and electrical engineering (Bachelor) with the direction of “Power” and “Power and automation”;

Direction Power and Electrical Engineering (Master) to the directions of the “Automated electromechanical complexes and systems”, “Optimization of developing power supply systems”;

Department of “Mechatronics and hydropneumatic automation”:

Direction Power engineering (Bachelor) with the direction of the “Automated hydraulic and pneumatic systems and units”;

Direction Automation of technological processes and production (Bachelor);

Direction Mechatronics and Robotics (Bachelor) with the thrust of “Mechatronics”;

Direction Power engineering (Master) to the Directions of the “Hydro-Engineering”;

Direction Automation of technological processes and production (Master);

Direction Mechatronics and Robotics (Bachelor) from the direction of the “Mechatronic and robotic systems.”

The students:

  • Get acquainted with: modern electromechanical, mechatronic systems and electric power; electrical and electronics, hydropneumatic automation, automatic control systems; packages of applied computer-aided design programs mechatronics, electromechanical and hydraulic systems and electrical systems; advanced information management technologies for mechatronic, and electromechanical systems Pneumohydraulic; modern methods of intelligent control objects of varying degrees of difficulty;
  • Master the computer design and CAD, management of complex systems, mathematical analysis and research of modes of power supply systems, electrical systems with different types of drives; best practices and diagnostics and repair of mechatronic drive and automation of various machines and mechanisms, microprocessor technology and other automation equipment;
  • Learn foreign languages and have constant language practice in the leading universities of Europe;
  • Participating in national and international scientific conferences;
  • Practice at the leading machine-building, power and electromechanical enterprises in Russia and Germany;
  • Find a prestigious, high-paying job at the power plants, mechanical engineering, and the military-industrial complex, in the design, research and scientific and industrial organizations of our country and abroad;
  • Have the opportunity to continue their education in graduate and postgraduate.

Basic ventures and strategic partners of the Faculty:

OAO “PC” NEVZ “, LLC” ABB “(Concern” ABB “, Switzerland), JSC” VELNII “, JSC” Energomera “IDGC of the South” and its branches: “Rostovenergo”, “Volgogradenergo”, “Astrakhan-Energy “; JSC “Kavelektromontazh”, JSC “Donenergo”, LLC “Gazprom mining Astrakhan”, OAO “WGC-2” (Novocherkassk GRES), the Russian State Scientific-Research Test Cosmonaut Training Center to them. YA Gagarin, JSC “Shakhtinsky plant Hydraulic”, JSC “Intelligent Robust Integrated Systems (IRIS)”, LLC “PNEUMATICS Camozzi” (CAMOZZI concern Italy), LLC “Combine Plant” Rostselmash “OJSC CDB ME” Rubin “St.Petersburg, of St. Petersburg marine engineering Bureau “Malachite”, JSC “Concern” Granit-Electron “, St. Petersburg, the Association of innovative enterprises of Rostov region” High technology “; technical universities of Dresden, Ilmenau, Munich, Dortmund (Germany).

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