Platov South Russian state polytechnic university (NPI) is the first higher educational institution in the south of Russia. The resolution of the Council of ministers of Russia adopted in January, 1907 provided “to found a polytechnic institute in Novocherkassk, and to use for this purpose money and the staff of the Warsaw polytechnic”. The student’s disorders of 1905-1906 led to the temporary closure of the Warsaw (Russian) polytechnic institute by the authorities of the Russian Empire, and its leading staff were sent to Novocherkassk and formed a kernel of the faculty of the new institute.

The institute was opened on October 5 (on October 18 N.S.) in 1907. At that time the institute had no own buildings yet and was placed in seven local buildings distant from each other. Construction of the University buildings began on October 9, 1911 on the project of the architect Roguysky. The project included the main, robotics (the modern name), chemical and mining-geological buildings and was finished in 1930.

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