The Institute of Fundamental Engineering Education was founded in 2015.

The institute includes five departments that carry out basic training of students of the entire university in the following disciplines: physics, mathematics, computer science, engineering and computer graphics, theoretical and applied mechanics, and foreign languages.

In addition, the department of “Physics and Electronics” prepares graduates in 1 undergraduate and 1 areas of specialized training of masters:

 Electronics and Nanoelectronics (Bachelor)
Orientation: Nanotechnology in electronics

Electronics and Nanoelectronics (Master)
Orientation: Nanotechnology in electronics

The main objective – to achieve a high level of training in physics, mathematics, computer science, foreign languages and general engineering disciplines. Achieving the goal will be achieved large-scale transformation of curricula at all basic educational programs, which will be carried out the unification and strengthening of general engineering preparation and profiling will be shifted to a later date training; large-scale introduction of the most modern information technologies in educational activities on fundamental and engineering disciplines; a significant increase in the requirements for the training of the teaching staff; the use of modern teaching materials, including foreign ones; close coordination with the general engineering preparation of future profession, as well as many other innovations. A special place in this training covers teaching of foreign languages – in the long term, each student of the university must be fluent in a foreign language and have a certificate of appropriate language training.

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