In 1930, physical education as an academic discipline has been introduced in higher education institutions, including in the Don Polytechnic Institute. In 1933-34 sports facilities of the Institute consisted of two gyms, one rented from the Institute of Engineers public works, the other moved to the general fund of the former Institute of Chemical Technology.

From 1933 to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War the institute existed Ski Area.

1934 on the right was a year of becoming a sports team SRSPU. Begin held the city championship in gymnastics. In the same year, the Institute volleyball and basketball teams won first place in the group of universities and a good place among the top team’s field.

Skiers Institute were the strongest in the field. In winter 1933-34. It was committed to mass transfer of skiers from Novocherkassk, Rostov, which was attended by 75 skiers.

In the summer of 1934 in Moscow was held the first technical colleges NKTP Games of the USSR, which was attended by 24 of the country’s largest university, including Novocherkassk Industrial Institute. Games program included the following: athletics, gymnastics, swimming, all-around, volleyball and military complex. As a result, the four SRI competition in seventh place. The best results are achieved Uvarova Olga, who took on different kinds of athletics, two first and second place. In the all-around, including a number of swimming distances, athletes Institute took 7th place.

In the same year began the construction of sports fields in the Institute of the park and the stadium on a large vacant lot between the academic buildings.

In the spring of 1935, there was the city’s only stadium with well-equipped sectors for athletics, 400-meter cinder track and a football field. At the same time, the construction of the tennis court was completed in the Institute’s park, volleyball court with two fields, the band TRP obstacles gymnastic town with hanging shells and shooting range.

With the organization in 1935, the Student Flying Club Institute had their training gliders and aircraft.

The summer of 1936, the Second All-Union Games of the technical colleges tubing held in Moscow. Cool place in athletics provided the following participants: Kraynikov, Uvarov, Artyushanskaya, Dykhne, Sokolov, Tyumen, Malov, Rutskoi. Again improved its results Olga Uvarova, shared with a student of the Baku Industrial Institute Ganeker first and second place in the high jump.

In 1939, the stadium hosted the championship Institute CA DSO “Energy” in athletics, sports games and swimming. The institute took first place in all sections of the Championship program.

Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War Institute lost its sports training. From the first days of the war department of physical training has been eliminated as an independent unit and pour in the military department.

During the fascist German occupation of the city (July 1942-February 1943) of the material and sports facilities of the Institute was destroyed. With the liberation of the city in 1943, the institute began to revive.

In 1951, the institute football team won the champion of the Central Council DSO “Science”.

In 1962 the team of the Institute team to fight for the first time became the winner of Championship Rossoveta “Petrel”.

With the entry into operation in 1970, the Sports School swimming pool was opened at NPI.

The biggest success came in 1977-79 when the team “Polytechnic”  becomes a three-time winner of the USSR championship among the student teams in football.

In 2011, for the purpose of quality of educational process in physical education, provide training conditions of high-class athletes and more efficient use of training facilities for physical training and sports with students SRSPU as a structural unit SRSPU, was founded the Institute of physical education and sport. The structure consists of three departments: “General physical training”, “Swimming and athletics”, “Team sports and arts”.

Sports activities with students and staff of the University the Institute of physical education and sport conducted in conjunction with sports clubs in accordance with the plan of major sports events. It includes sports activities in the sections and national teams SRSPU, the organization of events at the place of students living in dormitories, held in the University sports events, participation in local, regional, national and international events.

Currently, sports facilities located on campus and includes a stadium, playgrounds, tennis court, 25-meter indoor swimming pool, completely renovated in 2013, specialized halls, gyms, athletics arena, on the basis of which the work on the section 20 sports.

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